About Us

Our Mission

It is our mission to build a strong e-commerce community powered by mums and mums alike, keeping small family run businesses at the heart of Storksey. We passionately believe that by creating a curated marketplace purely for baby, we can build a powerful platform for families to successfully pursue a business that will enable them to spend more time with what matters most in life…Family.

How Storksey Works

Storksey is the largest community of mums creating and selling handmade baby goods that have been born out of necessity. The Storksey marketplace connects sellers who have created smart, beautiful, creative baby products to buyers who will find true value in them.


With low fees, powerful tools, and a strong community of like minded people we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. Want to become a Storksey seller?


Find exactly what you need from the only ones who really know, mums. Our search tools help buyers explore all the amazing items on Storksey,  from products created out of pure necessity to beautiful dresses made by a talented mum with killer sewing skills.